Makeover Monday – Fabric Softener

Makeover Monday

Last week we ran out of fabric softener … and our clean clothes came out smelling kind of funky.  😦  My family does not use just any old fabric softner though for 2 reasons:  First, my girls have sensitive skin.  Two, I prefer not to have our clothes soaked in chemicals and then worn on our bodies.

Thankfully I found this easy recipe to makeover my fabric softner!  Claire at everydayroots put together a natural and scented fabric softner that can be used in high efficiency machines and can be added to the drawer or directly in with your load of laundry.  Since this recipes calls for Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, essential oils and a tightly closing container, you may already have everything you need on hand!  I made mine with OnGuard by doTERRA and we all enjoy the scent!

For the full scoop (haha!) hop on over to everydayroots!


Fabric Softner Makeover updated

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