Essential Oils On the Go!

Having tools in our “health toolbox” is an important piece in a mom’s life.  My mom always carried pain relievers in her purse so that wherever we were she had something on hand in case one of us suddenly had a headache or other ailment.  Of course, I continued this tradition in my own purse in order to take care of my family.   Recently I’ve added a few more tools in my arsenal.

First, I added two rollerball bottles with fractionated coconut oil and peppermint ~ one diluted for adults and the other diluted for kids.  Peppermint oil, like so many others, has a variety of uses and can be a great tool for alleviating headaches, tummy aches, congestion and even cooling off on a hot day.

And second has been this awesome bracelet from Loilj.  A few drops of oil for whatever support you need for the day!

Bracelet Collage

I particularly love doTERRA’s blend called Motivate!  I will often add a couple drops to my bracelet especially on days that I really need to focus, keep moving and have a lot to accomplish.  As I’m out and about running errands or perhaps doing chores around the house, a quick sniff of my bracelet can be just the lift I need!  The other day I had already put some Motivate on my bracelet however as the day went on, circumstances were causing a lot of stress.  I knew I needed to calm myself a bit as I ran some errands so I added a drop of Lavender to the little tassel piece.  Just what this mom needed and it went everywhere with me!

As you can see in the picture, I may have ordered a size too small so I made a little extender which is working great!

How do you like to take your oils with you on the go?



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