Buy One, Get One – What?


BOGO Deals Are On the Way!

Next week, Monday through Friday, there will be daily Buy One, Get One Free deals!  This is so exciting at doTERRA only does this a few times a year!!

How does it work?
Each morning doTERRA will announce the day’s special.  It is only available that day so if you want it, go for it!  Each account will be able to order a limited number of the special.

How Can I Get these Deals?
You have several options for getting your hands on these deals!

Option #1:  Once I find out what the deal is each day, I will post it in my Facebook group.  Let me know by 8pm of that day that you want to order the special and I will add your order to my own.

(Not in the Facebook group?  >>> Click here to be added to the group <<<)

Option #2:  If you already have an account, use your account to place an order. This is a great opportunity to let your friends and family know about the deals because you can add their order to yours.

Option #3:  Now is great time to start your own membership!  For just $35 you can become a member, get wholesale prices plus other awesome perks and benefits!  And in a year when your membership renews for $25, you’ll receive a free bottle of peppermint (retails for $27) so that’s like getting your membership for FREE!  If you decide to do this, then you will have access to these daily BOGO deals too!

>>>  To Get Started, Click Here <<<

Looking forward to this exciting week!!

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